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Our practice consists of PhD-level psychologists, trained in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, practiced in working with a broad cross-section of people and presenting problems, and highly committed to providing thoughtful, effective, and personalized psychotherapy. Because each person is unique and faces specific challenges, our philosophy holds that no two treatments are alike. At the same time, we do believe that all good psychotherapy toggles between two related tracks.


The first is the practical. Psychotherapy helps a person to address the problems, concerns, or dilemmas that are causing existing discomfort, and have often prompted people to seek therapy in the first place. The second mode of working is less concrete and predefined, and more creative and dynamic. It aims not only to reduce distress but to improve self-awareness and self-understanding, factors that contribute to lasting change and freedom. Through the therapeutic encounter, painful symptoms and hurtful patterns can be thought about—and talked about—in such a way that they are put in perspective, understood, and ultimately overcome. Our view is that the foundational goal of psychotherapy is to foster new ways of thinking, feeling, and being, such that a person’s natural strengths, talents, and idiosyncrasies can be put to use, and one’s life can be navigated more peacefully and more meaningfully.

Our psychologists have been serving the greater Boston area in diverse capacities for the past 5 years, and recently settled down to launch Davis Square Psychological Services. We are located in the heart of Davis Square, extraordinarily dedicated to our work, and very happy to discuss the possibility of working together. If you think we may be of help to you, please contact us. We will respond within 2 business days.  .

All the best.

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