Our clinicians also serve as consultants for individuals, couples, or families seeking specific answers to specific questions. In this role, we make recommendations for next steps in terms of treatment and treatment goals. Over years of training and working in the field, we have observed how many people, whether concerned about themselves, a loved one, or their partners and families, are in need of a consult from a psychology professional, yet do not know exactly where to turn.

Generally speaking, the goal of meetings like these are to help you to better formulate the problem at hand, to identify the reasons it has not yet been addressed and/or resolved, and to provide you with some actionable steps that might help you to do so. These meetings may be a one-off, though they may result in recommendations for individual or group therapy, which we can provide depending on openings. If your needs are better suited by local agencies or our colleagues, we will do our best to provide you with an appropriate referral.


Jamie and Rob both enjoy supervising pre-licensed psychology professionals. If you are a student in need of an additional or new supervisor, send us an email with a good number to reach you, and we would be happy to talk further.